Remember the date '9.9.2017.' It's the day Nathalie Carre and Jesse White said their "I do's" next to Lake Travis in Austin after ten years of dating.

Nathalie even engraved the date on Jesse's ring.

"Hurricane Harvey just happened so everyone was just kind of looking for a great weekend away," Nathalie said.

The couple rented a party barge on the lake on Sunday to cap off the weekend. Jesse took a dip in the water and the next thing he knew, his ring was gone.

Divers searched for weeks, but nothing turned up.

"I told her you can get me a ring out of the 25 cent machine," Jesse said. "To me the ring symbolizes us but it's not how much it is. Well the story is a piece of us will always be in the lake. Luckily she didn't keep me in the dog house too long for that."

Fast forward to this past weekend. That's when Aaron Grigsby, who's been diving for 20 years found the ring. Grigsby said he saw the engravings and the date on the ring and knew how meaningful it was.

"It was a 14 carat gold ring with an engraving," said Grigsby, who's an officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety. "You need to get that back to who owns it."

Grigsby went to work with the owner of Lake Travis Scuba.

"We took a wild guess that on the N and J engraving--the N would belong to a female instead of a male," Grigsby said. "We guessed the female's name would be first."

Another wild guess led them to search the name Nathalie--that led the divers to a Knot page for the couple.

"I think any normal person would've at least tried to reunite with its owner or use social media," Grigsby added.

"We never even thought it would be found and then for all of this to be happening and it's almost the day to the month of our wedding," the couple said. "Je didn't have to do any of that. He did that out of the kindness of his heart so it's awesome."