HOUSTON – Just a few weeks after famous furniture businessman Jim McIngvale, A.K.A. Mattress Mack, held a massive holiday toy and shoe giveaway, he’s getting a special honor from Vans.

McIngvale’s daughter Laura posted to Facebook and Instagram pics of Jim wearing his new custom Vans shoes. The shoes feature Mack’s face, the Gallery Furniture store on I-45 and the quote, “People helping people, that’s the Gallery Furniture way!”

She tells KHOU 11 the shoes were a surprise for Jim.

You can bet if Vans decided to mass produce these, Houstonians would buy them!

In late December, McIngvale told KHOU 11 he received donations of toys, sometimes entire truckloads, from both everyday Houstonians and corporations, to give to those in need.

“My parents taught me, and both of them are deceased now, that the essence of living is giving, and so did my beloved brother, who’s deceased,” said McIngvale. “I’m just trying to honor their legacy.”

He also received more than 7,000 shoes from Vans to give away over the holiday season.