Among those hoping to be crowned Alief Taylor High School Homecoming Queen stood a teen who cannot lose.

When it comes to Taylor Lions’ pride, students roar loudest for their queen of pep rally dance.

“She’s just a happy girl,” said senior Magaly Rosas. “I love her vibe.”

Bianca Velasquez, also a senior, has a way of making others move. Two years ago, she stole hearts with her dance performances during pep rallies. However, it’s the way she carries herself around school that earned her votes to be on the 2016 Homecoming Court. She is always friendly, confident and smiling in the face of Down Syndrome, especially while wearing a crown around school Friday.

“It’s perfect,” she said of her crown.

“The football players know her,” Rosas said. “A lot of people know her. When I mention Bianca, they say, 'Oh, yeah, Bianca!”

Rosas, a senior cross country runner, said Velasquez inspired her to earn better grades and to learn new sports like golf.

“At first I was slacking,” Rosas said. “Once I met her my senior year, I just started getting my things together.”

Others just get a kick out Velasquez’s pep rally dance moves. This year, she stood on the verge of history with the chance to become the district’s first teen with Down Syndrome to win Homecoming Queen.

She came up a few votes short and was crowned honorary Queen.

Still, her dance title and place in people’s hearts remains undisputed.

“Peace, y’all,” she said. “Thank you, Lord and thank you. You love me. Peace.”