It may sound like science fiction but for the first time in history consumers can buy a gift originally intended for extraterrestrials.

Somewhere right now, some 13 billion miles away, are two gold records waiting to be found by aliens; a soundtrack of earth’s greatest hits.

Forty-years ago, NASA launched the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts into space with the records aboard. They contain photographs from our planet, music, greetings in 55 languages, all in hopes that life elsewhere might one day find them and get a snapshot of Earth.

“It's truly design in its most fundamental form,” explained David Pescovitz with Ozma Records. “They had to come up with a visual language that people, not of this earth, could understand.”

Now, reproductions of Voyager’s Golden Records are available to earthlings.

Tim Daly, David Pescovitz and Lawrence Azerrad raised more than a million dollars on Kickstarter and through Ozma Records, they are selling box sets. They contain the reproduced records and a book of photographs.

The records include music from Chuck Berry and Bach, sounds of a baby laughing, crickets, and the heartbeat of a woman in love. It’s the best we earthlings have to offer.

“It's a record for ourselves and it's a work of art,” said Tim Daly.

The Voyager Golden Record 3xLP Box Set costs $98.00, The Voyager Golden Record Book 2xCD costs $50.00.

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