Two sisters met for the first time in Houston after years of not knowing what happened to each other.

One of them is a former WNBA star who grew up in Houston. Tuesday night, the other sister from Idaho arrived at Bush Airport for a moment she's been waiting on her whole life.

A hug for a sister. It's something most people take for granted, but not these two.

"It's overwhelming, it's amazing and I kind of just fit," said Deborah Lyga, who flew in from Idaho.

Lyga was adopted at birth.The only detail she knew about her biological father was that he had a basketball and football scholarship at a college in Texas.

"What they didn't know is she already knew about me, she had been told from when she was a little girl that I was out there somewhere," said Lyga.

Little did Lyga know, her dad raised her sister in Houston. Chandi Jones played at the University of Houston and went on to the WNBA.

"It's something I've always hoped and prayed for since I was a little girl," said Jones.

It was Lyga, after years of nudging from her kids, who signed up on and submitted her DNA.

"It's strange, we've been talking for about three months and I just feel incredibly close to them," said Lyga.

She found a match, and her sister found a new cheerleader and now a best friend.

"All I can say, to all the families out there that's looking for their family members, is just keep the faith and keep looking and hopefully everything will work out," said Jones.

These sisters share a father who has since passed away. So, for Deborah it's her only connection to her biological family.