A Cypress mom is going viral online after her mic drop moment at Hobby Airport.

Charise Miles is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. For her, Dec. 23 was just another day at work. For the passengers, in the sound of her voice, they got quite the treat.

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Miles says she knows holiday travel can be stressful, so in an effort to lighten the mood and cheer up passengers, she asked the gate agent if she could use his microphone to sing "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

A video of the Miles' tune in the terminal is now going viral online.

“I was just being me,” Miles said.

She is no stranger to singing. Miles says she's been singing since she was 2 years old, admitting many of her performances have been in her family's churches near Detroit.

Singing in the sky, she's not new to that, either.

“I love my passengers. All have real feelings, and we all need love.” Miles said. “I just wanted to put smiles on people's faces. I wanted to take the pain away from anybody who was stressed out. It was a normal day for me.”