A San Antonio teen is getting the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to travel all across Europe, all expenses paid. At just 19 years old, Jake Baine is a filmmaker that was chosen for the job among thousands of applicants worldwide.

The Johnson High School grad applied for the job about a month ago. Baine and more than 5,000 people worldwide applied for the position with Busabout, a global travel company.

Thousands of submissions poured in as the position went viral online, promising two young 'brand ambassadors' the chance to travel around Europe this summer.

Their duties include having the time of their lives and documenting it all social media.

Baine said that he found out that he landed the position on a Skype call.

"He said 'how about this,' and he held up a piece of paper that said 'you got the job,'” Baine recalled. “I was speechless.”

The trip starts this Saturday and lasts five months.

"I'm stoked for all of it," Baine said. "One of the things I saw on the itinerary that I'm most excited for: Sailing across the Greek Coast."

Jake's work can be seen on his Instagram, and YouTube pages. He calls his craft a career now, but said that it started as a simple hobby. He said he bought his first camera in high school.

"A few friends and I went out to Canyon Lake and started jumping and taking pictures, and I just fell in love with it since," Baine recalled.

Now, he'll get paid to do what he loves most in places he's never imagined, although Baine admits that he has a long way to go.

"I definitely haven't peaked,” he said. ”I feel like there's a lot more I can be doing.”