One simple San Antonio idea is making a big splash nationally.

Pools For Kids is a group started by Todd Arredondo after he saw a local family ridiculed on social media for enjoying a makeshift pool in the back of a pickup truck.

Arredondo said he tracked the family down, gave them a pool, and started a movement. He noted that last year he was able to give away 223 swimming pools to needy kids in San Antonio.

This year, his campaign is growing.

Arredondo has loaded up his SUV and is headed west with a car that is crammed to capacity with more swimming pools that he plans to give away. He said that, at last count, he had 112 but he hopes to get and give away even more.

“Everybody calls me the bearded Summer Santa. This is my sleigh, this is my sled, and we're going to go and keep these kids happy and cool," Arredondo said. “My goal right now is to get the hottest states first. You know, where weather is absolutely crucial and critical and to take care of those kids that are in the extreme heat.”

Arredondo added that everyone is welcome to follow his journey at his official Facebook page, Pools for Kids by Todd Arredondo.

“This year, we're going all the way to California. We're going to go to New Mexico, Colorado, to Utah, to Nevada, to Arizona, end up in California, LA, and San Diego,” the so-called "Santa of Splash" said.

There is a GoFundMe account as well where Arredondo uses donations so he can keep the cool going when he returns to town in a few weeks.