SAN ANTONIO - At Cruising Kitchens, no project is too big to build or wrap.

“Our day to day business is wrapping large projects like food trucks or shipping containers,” Jake Stanley, Cruising Kitchen’s decal artist, said. “But we wrap just about anything.”

Stanley said the company recently help out an employee’s family member by wrapping a unique objective.

“We just happen to do plagiocephaly helmet for a friend,” Stanley said.

The helmet provides support to babies dealing with large soft spots on their heads, but they come with a high price. Which is why Cameron Davies, Cruising Kitchens president, said he decided to decorate the helmets at no charge.

“Now we do four or five of them a day, absolutely free of charge,” Davies said. “There’s always somebody that has it worse off than you. So, as much as we can give back and make a bad situation better for the parents. I mean it’s worth it.”

Shayne Gutierrez, whose child received a free helmet wrap, said they were perfect strangers. She said the simple act of kindness has made it easier going through the ordeal.

“The idea of going through something new like this, from diagnoses and his helmet, and then to quickly get that support from a local company it was really great,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez isn’t the only one. Dozens of families have had their child’s helmet wrap by the company.

Leah Resendez and her son, Trey, also received a tricked-out helmet design. His helmet was inspired by the Star Wars Rebel Fighters.

“It’s incredibly encouraging and endearing and Trey is super grateful, we are super grateful, for custom printed wraps and graphics,” Resendez said.

Resendez said besides having a cool helmet design for her son, it has also made it easier to share her experience with others curious about the helmet.

“That’s our opportunity to kind of explain what he has and create awareness that it’s not something to be fearful of,” Resendez said.

As for the mobile kitchen master builders, turned baby helmet designers.

“You know people ask me what if you do 500 of these a day. I say it’s alright I hire 10 more people and do 500 a day for free,” Davies said.

“To know that it’s impacting families is just icing on a cake,” Stanley said.

For more information on Cruising Kitchens, you can visit their Facebook Page, email them at or call 1-888-414-1680.