ROWLETT, Texas -- Holding her newborn daughter, Wendy Maturino can't help but think of all the things that could have gone wrong.

"She really is a miracle," Maturino said.

On paper, the odds were against newborn Sofia Grace from the beginning. Maturino's pregnancy started with major complications, requiring surgery on her cervix 13 weeks into term.

Maturino says her OB/GYN Dr. Jeff Nelson with the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center was there for her every step of the way, even calling on weekends to check in.

"I always ask myself, ‘Am I doing the right thing for my patient and their family?," Nelson said.

At the tail end of a difficult pregnancy, Maturino experienced one of the most dangerous challenges yet.

During Maturino's labor, nurse Brittani Quattlebaum noticed a problem with the umbilical cord, a rare condition that Nelson says impacts less than a half-percent of patients.

"I've only seen it one other time in my career and Brittani had never seen it, but she knew what to do," Nelson said.

Quattlebaum calmly asked Maturino's husband Ruben Anguiano to call for more nurses while she kept pressure on the baby's head, never letting go.

"I was so scared but they were calm and went right into action. I knew they were doing everything they could," Anguiano said.

"She was with me the whole time. Brittani was a lifesaver too," Maturino said.

Dr. Nelson performed an emergency cesarean section while nurses assisted. Sofia Grace was born and is expected to grow into a healthy little girl.

"There aren't words, what do you say?" Maturino said of her gratitude for Dr. Nelson who she believes saved her daughter twice and for Nurse Quattlebaum, who jumped in when she was needed most.

They say it's small, but the family purchased a watch for the doctor. They said the timepiece was perfect because Dr. Nelson and his team were there for them every second of the pregnancy.

"We thought maybe it seems corny but we mean it with our hearts," Maturino said.

On the back of the watch is an inscription that reads "My hero... without you I wouldn't be here..." followed by Sofia Grace's birthday, September 16, 2016, the day two angels helped her beat the odds.