In honor of Black History Month, Fox 15 took a look back at the 1800's.

That is when the Buffalo Soldiers served.

The executive director at Frontier Texas wants to make sure their stories are told for generations to come.

“Buffalo Soldiers were the African-American soldiers who came into the U.S. Army, particularly after the Civil War,” Jeff Salmon said.

They fought alongside white men while wearing the identical blue uniforms.

They were battling oppression and a stiff economy.

“Becoming a soldier in the U.S. Army was a great opportunity for African-American soldiers,” Salmon said.

Historians say the soldiers took pride in their role and their name.

“The label Buffalo Soldiers might have been a derogatory term, but it became a real point of pride for the soldiers. The idea of a buffalo being an animal that was very resilient, very strong," Salmon said.

One of the most important forts was Fort Concho in San Angelo -- just 90 miles from Abilene.

It was established in 1867.

Fort Concho consisted of African-American troops.

“They were a needed resource, and they served really honorably in our culture,” Salmon said.