Recreating past photos is all the rage this graduation season.

A mom and daughter in Indiana have gone viral with their version. One pic shows Lizette Yowell picking up her daughter, Gabrielle, from kindergarten in 2004. Fast forward to 2017, and Yowell lifted her now 18-year-old daughter in the air after her high school graduation. Gabrielle said it was emotional because her mom had battled breast cancer and didn't know if she would see her little girl get her high school diploma.

Chrissy Coffin saw that story and sent us her own version featuring her and little brother, David Molloy. Coffin has a photo from June 3, 2002 showing her holding little David in her cap and gown. She had just graduated from Wasilla High School in Alaska. Exactly 15 years later, the siblings recreated the photo when David graduated from Klein Oak High School in Spring. He was a little heavier this time around.

Chrissy Coffin and her brother, David Molloy   

In Spring Branch, Melissa Lanford shared photos of her daughter Blake with three friends when they were little girls. The four girls are still friends so they got together recently to pose for a similar snap.

Then and Now: Blake Lanford, second from right, and her friends in the Spring Branch area.    

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