THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- High school sweethearts in The Woodlands had to put their wedding plans on hold when cancer interrupted. But they refused to stop fighting for their future.

Haley and Taylor Odlozil's love story began at College Park High School in The Woodlands

"She had the qualities I was looking for," Taylor said Tuesday.

Fast forward to 2014, Taylor proposed to Haley during a ski trip in Breckenridge.

"We were really happy," Haley said.

They were happily planning a wedding even though Haley wasn't always feeling her best.

"I would just always be sick," Haley said. "As the years progressed, it finally got to where we were engaged and I got a personal trainer for the wedding."

Except the personal training sessions didn't work, nor did the dieting--Haley said she just couldn't lose weight.

"Well I thought I was getting kidney and bladder infections because I kept feeling pain," Haley said. "It turns out, all along it was ovarian cancer."

That was in December of 2015. They were set to be married two months after.

The couple went right to an oncologist but this was no easy fix.

"I think we all knew we were headed down a path that was going to be very, very bad," Taylor said. "We got married, which ended up being the best day, and then three days later we discovered the chemo wasn't working."

Haley's tumors had grown instead of shrinking: doctors told her and her husband she had six months to live.

Then, after their honeymoon in Hawaii, came hope.

Haley's doctors here knew of a surgeon in New York at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center so they set off to the Big Apple where Haley went through nine hours of grueling surgery.

"It was the same amount of trauma a body would take getting into a car and hitting a brick wall at 70 mph," Taylor said.

Somehow the doctor removed 100 percent of the visible cancer and now just days after their one year wedding anniversary she's in clinical remission.

"We were believing so hard that God was going to come thru," Taylor said. "I just couldn't believe it when he told us he got everything. It seemed so surreal."

Haley said she still has cancer cells in her body but she takes a pill every day to keep them from growing into a tumor.

Haley is writing a blog to inspire others. Taylor competed in the Woodlands Marathon this past weekend and is training for the upcoming Ironman to raise money for medical bills and to get the word out about their story.