BOERNE, Texas - It was quite the surprise for a woman in Boerne Sunday afternoon.

Boerne and Kendall County first responders joined the Pink Heals program in a procession to celebrate her birthday, just days after her cancer treatment.

"This is going to be the surprise of a lifetime that she'll never forget," said Chris Chomel, operations director of Pink Heals Hays County.

The Pink Heals tour, with the help of first responders from Kendall County and Boerne, drove in a procession down Main Street, to Adler and into the English Oaks neighborhood to surprise Elizabeth Castro.

Castro is a mother of four celebrating her 33rd birthday Monday.

"We turn on all of our lights, and we're going to make so much noise. They're going to think there's a six-alarm fire on their street," said Chomel. "[Elizabeth has] Stage 3 colorectal cancer. She was released from the hospital earlier in the week. Her birthday is Monday, and she's staying with her brother here in Boerne."

Needless to say, the surprise was overwhelming.

"We were just supposed to have a small family get together for my birthday," said Castro. "Then my brother tells me to go outside for family pictures. Then a few minutes later, we start hearing all these sirens and commotion. I had no idea what was going on."

<p>Pink Heals supporters came out in droves to show a woman in Boerne how much she is loved.</p>

The Pink Heals program partners with public safety, local businesses and families to bring a community together.

"It's a testament to how close-knit we are. As first responders, we're all one big family ready to help each other out," said Joshua Seillier, a firefighter and EMT in Boerne. "It's our pleasure to be here. We're thrilled to be here."

Pink Heals, a national program, provides home visits to show people just like Castro how much they are loved.

"We just want to put a little cheer in her life and a smile on her face," said Chomel.

Castro's brother sent a letter to the Pink Heals program sharing her story.

"We celebrate women and their families, not any particular cause. So men, we support them as well. You take care of the woman, the woman will take care of you," Chanel added.

When Pink Heals made the call to Boerne, help drove in from every direction.

"That was the most emotional part of the whole thing is how many people jumped in and were like, 'How can we help? How can we be a part of it?'" said Brady Constantine, a Boerne fireman and EMT for Kendall County EMS.

As the procession drove through the Boerne neighborhood, neighbors walked outside their homes watching in curiosity.

"It's all the confusion. 'What's going on? What is this?' It's raising awareness for the organization," said Tracie Padilla with Boerne police dispatch.

Constantine and Padilla helped Pink Heals coordinate their first home visit in Boerne.

Members of the Boerne Fire Department, Boerne Police Department, Bergheim Fire Department, Waring Fire Department, Sisterdale Fire Department, Comfort Fire Department, Kendall County EMS and the Kendall County Sheriff's Office all participated in Sunday's home visit.

"On somebody's worst day of their life, they call 911. That's when we all see each other," said Constantine.

"Other than that, everybody coming together for the cause of showing this young lady that we're here, we're all together. We are part of your family, we are here for you."

In Sunday's home visit, Castro signed the Pink Heals pink fire engine and pink police car in permanent marker.

Before they left, all first responders serenaded Castro by singing Happy Birthday.

For more information about the Pink Heals program, click here.