PEARLAND, Texas - On this chilly November night, Halloween came for the second time to a Pearland neighborhood.

The first time around, Halloween was extremely scary for a family who lives here, but it had nothing to do with ghosts or ghouls.

Four-year-old Tanner Jones was in the ICU after a dangerous virus attacked his respiratory system.

“I don't want to ever, ever go through that again,” said his mom, Taylore Jones.

“He would lay there, and it was like nobody was home,” added his grandmother, Denise Worley. "It just broke my heart.”

The family spent Halloween in the hospital, missing the holiday, which is a pretty big deal for the neighborhood, and everyone looks forward to their killer displays.

Halloween is one of the family's favorite holidays, and they even rent a storage unit where they keep their impressive decorations.

“She just goes above and beyond for all the kids,” explained neighbor Kathy Thornton.

“It just broke my heart that he was not able to dress up like the fireman he wanted to be and go out trick-or-treating,” Worley said.

Which is why when Tanner came home, Worley asked her neighbors for a favor. She’d give them candy they would give back to Tanner as a type of Halloween redo.

“Everybody was overwhelming,” Worley said. “They said, ‘No! We saved candy, we have candy, we are going to have another Halloween.'”

So on Thursday, Tanner’s mom dressed him up as a fireman, and along with his friends, went door-to-door collecting candy from his neighbors who all played along -- too little to realize the real gift he was being given: the memory of a very happy Halloween.

“He's just the sweetest little boy,” Thornton said. “So just to be able to do this for him is amazing.”