SAN ANTONIO - MonkeyLectric bike lights are taking social media by storm. They create different designs and colors in the wheels.

At least one video featuring the lights has drawn more than 25 million views on Facebook, so KHOU sister station decided to test the product.

They followed the instructions to install a light on San Antonio resident Madison Ortega's bike.

The process of installing one light took them about 20 minutes from start to finish. The light's package includes zip ties to attach it to the spokes, and they used scissors to trim them.

KENS5 put their light to the test on the Hays Street Bridge.

"It for sure is really visible when you're riding downtown, so being able to get the attention of cars is pretty important," Ortega said.

She said San Antonio is generally a bike friendly city, but riders need to take precautions.

The city posted the following statement online:

"Our goals are to increase bike ridership for daily travel and improve cycling safety by making our bike network accessible, direct and continuous."

The company said Monkey Lights could also help riders stay safe.

"I ride to and from work and to and from school. If you don't have lights on your bike, it's pretty dangerous," Ortega said.

Adjusting the light's settings reveals new colors and shapes.

"It's really versatile. You can change the themes 42 times. So, if you want it really simple or if you want a lot of attention on your bike, this is the way to do it," she said.