Doris Graziano gave birth to a son nearly 50 years ago when she was just 15 years old.

She never got the chance to hold her baby. Nurses whisked him away and the teen only saw him through a glass window hours after the birth.

"I remember how cute he was and his dark hair," Graziano said.

Graziano put her son up for adoption. Last year, the mother and son started talking on the phone, and this Easter weekend he and his daughter flew to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. 

"My heart is beating out my chest," Graziano said as she waited near the baggage claim.

As soon as the mother saw her son a smile broke out on her face and the two hugged for the first time in five decades.

"It felt amazing, like I wasn't even standing on my feet," Graziano said.

Vince Charles flew in from Wichita, Kansas where he works in IT.

"I love her and I'm thankful for the sacrifice she made," Charles said of his biological mom.

The two planning on spending a long Easter weekend together and making up for lost time and lost hugs.