An Arlington mom is thankful after an outpouring of help from strangers helped to locate a lost blanket that is priceless for her family.

"It's chevron on one side and plain orange on the other," said Michelle Colopy.

The blanket is a full-sized throw, and it's orange and white. It is warm, but its value to the Colopys is because of who it belonged to: her infant son, Elijah, who died in 2012 from SIDS.

"He had it every day of his little life," Colopy said.

She bought it for him before he was born, and after his death his family held the blanket close and came to treasure it. Eli's three siblings often cuddle with it, and they take it along on family vacations, including it in photos.

"Holding the blanket is just -- it's our way of kind of being close to him," Colopy said.

Last week, on a cold Wednesday, the family took it with them on a trip to the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington Highlands. They went to see the movie Ferdinand, and her kids cuddled up in Eli's blanket in the seats.

But, halfway through the movie, Colopy's oldest son fell ill and they had to leave suddenly. They accidentally left the blanket behind.

"I didn't realize it was missing right away," she said. "When it's something that's so important and so special, and it's the only thing that we had left to hold in our hands of Eli, it was hard."

When she realized it was missing, she contacted the movie theater, but they couldn't find it. Her friends spread the word online, sharing photographs of the blanket on Facebook. Tuesday night, days later, she got the call she was hoping for.

The blanket has been found by someone and turned in at the theater. Colopy was heading to pick it up Tuesday night.

"We have some things, you know, pictures and videos, but that was the one that we still have left that we could hold of him," she said.