Paul Palmer is a navy-vet-turned-truck-driver-turned-shop-owner.

"I love my job,” he said. “I get up in the morning and I can't wait to get to work.”

He never thought he'd open a retail store of his own in Waxahachie -- and he never imagined it would lead him to Bobby Osborne.

"When this shop opened up I come down here one day and they found I've been riding all those years and they wanted some pictures," said Bobby, 92.

Bobby Osborne sits behind a photo of his wife, Ida Lou Dell

Osborne literally keeps those close to his vest. The WWII veteran has been riding bikes his entire life, and has plenty of pictures to prove it.

"I asked the man, 'how do you drive this thing?' And he told me how to drive it off the parking lot and I've been driving it ever since," Osborne said, showing off a picture of his first motorcycle -- a $200 1940 Harley Davidson.

There have been many motorcycles for Osborne over the last 70 years, but only one wife -- Ida Lou Dell.

Bobby Osborne keeps his and his wife's wedding rings on his necklace and wears it all the time

"She loved to ride those bikes,” he said. “I dumped her on the ground a couple of times and knocked her out and we just got back up and kept going -- wet pavement both times."

For the last few years, Osborne has put a lifetime of experience into Palmer's Waxahachie store called "The Shop." He's a welcome addition.

"He's like family around here, he comes in all the time, and helps me in the back and just hangs out," Palmer said.

Osborne calls himself a shop helper. But the reality is, they're both helping each other.

Because the older he gets, the further he gets from the people in those pictures -- one person in particular.

"My little lady has been gone six years this last November,” he said, reaching into his shirt to pull out two wedding rings on a necklace. “Ol’ cancer. But I kept her for 62 years."

An old photo of Bobby Osborne

"There's what keeps us going, there's both of our wedding rings,” he said. “I wear them all the time, I'm never without her."