Devante Hines, 23, sits at a Salisbury restaurant reading a note he transcribed from an old photocopy of the original: "To whom it may concern: Please take care of my baby. He'll die in the streets. I'm homeless. His name is Terry. Thank you."

The words from that note and the words in two articles from April 1993, tell the story of a desperate homeless woman who gave birth to a seven pound baby boy, wrapped him in a towel and left him on a door step in a Temple Hills apartment building.

Police said Hines, then known as "Terry," was just hours old.

"I was hoping in the note she would say I love you but the way I look at it she told me she loved me by her actions," he said.

Hines was born April 15, 1993. He was adopted about a year later but never knew until he was adopted until a few months ago. That's when a woman claiming to be his foster sister contacted him and told him before being adopted he spent time with her family.

"To me they (adopted family) are my family," he explained. "and I don't love them any less."

Hines just graduated from Salisbury University and with this new shocking discovery, he is putting his degree to work.

"I majored in social work and all this time I went to class and learned this stuff little did I know it applied to my life," he said. " I understand the challenges of homelessness and the difficult choices you have to make."

Hines said if its God's will, he'll meet his biological family; maybe this 23-year mystery will be solved; maybe he'll finally learn the rest of his story beyond the headlines and old articles.

(To my birth family) I would say I love you," he said, "and to my mother I would say thank you for trying the best you could."