SAN ANTONIO - People in love are always looking for ways to show their affection and one popular way of doing just that was the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

Since the locks were removed the tradition has moved to San Antonio.

From Paris, France to the San Antonio, the way of locking your love forever has crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

"A couple started it about five years ago back here,” Donald Lang a wedding officiant at the Courthouse wedding chapel said. “It just kind of stagnated and then something light back up and it's been taking off that wildfire."

A fire, Lang said, has spread from just a few dozen locks to hundreds upon hundreds in just a matter of months. He said he even hesitates to count them at this point.

After seeing the Love Lock Bridge on social media, Juana and Joe Palacios decided their 12 plus years of love needed to be locked away forever in the city they fell in love in.

"Our love story began here in San Antonio and we thought it be cool our lock on this bridge," Juana said.

"If you have something in possession and it's something you love, you put a lock on it and that what it symbolizes," Joe said.

But to make it official, you must throw the key into the river. This symbolizes forever locking your love and wishes together, according to Lang.

"We are a very romantic town,” Lang said. “You got incredible scenery down here in the River Walk."

And the River Walk, as Joe describes, is a symbol of love in San Antonio.

As for the San Antonio Love Lock Bridge, Lang hopes it will keep growing.

“We'll see where it goes from there."

The Love Lock Bridge is located in the 200 block of Main Plaza.