Parents of young children are all too familiar with the problem of kids outgrowing their clothes.

A designer in London thinks he may have a solution.

A range of outerwear called “Petit Pli,” French for “Little Pleast,” features an innovative pleat system that allows kids to expand in different directions as needed.

Designer Ryan Yasin says it’s a perfect solution for children who can grow through seven different sizes in the first few years of life.

"This is really engineering meets fashion,” Yasin said. “I've taken my knowledge of materials and folding origami and applied that to a product which is aimed at reducing the waste in the fashion industry…So forget the sentiment of, 'You'll grow into it'; it'll grow in to you.’"

The pleating process has gone through rigorous testing to prove the clothes are machine washable and won't wear out with repeated use.

For more information and to be the first to know when the clothes are on sale, visit Petit Pli’s website.