To some people, a blanket is just a blanket. However, to this 2-year-old boy with autism, it's an important source of comfort.

So when his mother, who lives in another state, put out a desperate plea, two mothers in the Houston area answered the call.

From a home in League City, it's not hard to see the joy on the faces of this family in Massachusetts.

"I absolutely could not believe it. It was out of my wildest dreams," said Crystal Eldridge, who spoke to us through FaceTime.

Eldridge is mom to Parker. He's autistic, and a blue blanket with trucks is the one thing he loves. However, constant wear and tear left this family looking for a replacement, which they couldn't find in stores anymore.

"I have a son with autism and this other mom that lives in Massachusetts. I know exactly what she's going through," said Traci Slatten, a mom in League City.

The pictures of the blanket went viral. Moms shared it across the country. However, when Slatten shared it on the Moms of Galveston County page, in just 10 minutes, she got a hit.

"I think it was a gift from my little sister as my baby shower gift for my youngest who is 2," said Esmeralda Diaz, another mom in League City.

Diaz's son had the blanket.

"He used it for a little while and we put it up and it just stayed in the closet," she said.

These moms got together. Slatten even took her first selfie at the post office where she mailed the blanket off. She hopes this family will be encouraged.

"Just knowing that they aren't alone and there are people out there that know what you're going through," Slatten said.

"I really thought that it was gonna be, nope we're not finding one and deal with what you have," Eldridge said.

However, now her son's snuggles are sweeter. A reminder from strangers of a lesson we all learned: it does a heart good to share.

"I'm glad we were able to help," Diaz said.