HOUSTON - Santiago Ramon is doing what many Houstonians are doing - looking for a job.

He's imminently qualified – a straight shooting, team leader who knows how to conquer challenges and overcome obstacles.

They're skills he learned on middle east battlefields.

"I came out of high school and I said, you know what…I want to go join the military and go fight." he said.

So he fought, 4 years, 2 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a young volunteer, a Marine with the 1st Battalion, 7th regiment who was called to serve.

"Serve my country…make my family proud…I can say I did something." said Santiago.

And he did. After 15 months of house to house combat - with Taliban fighters and providing security for the United Nations - he has a chest full of medals to prove it.

"There were times when I was like… I'm not coming back. There's some real crazy stuff going on out here." he said.

"I would always tell my Dad…I used to recite Joshua 1:9. I looked up to the sky and thought…my family is waiting…and my friends are waiting and you know what…I can't give up now…I have to keep going, keep going…keep pushing." said Santiago.

"We just said, if we believe we are Christians now, we just actually go on our knees and pray with faith and believe that he will be able to go and complete this objective and come back safe and sound." said Zacarias Ramon, Santiago's father.

And Santiago did, he saw bullets fly, and Marine brothers die, but he's back and this Sunday… Houstonians will be recognizing his service.

Santiago will be the latest in a long line of military hero's to be honored by 70,000 fans at the Houston Texans game.

"I feel like I just did my job. I did what was required of me, what my country asked of me or what my brothers expected of me especially." Santiago said when asked if he feels like a hero.

The humility of a warrior who's served honorably, courageously and was lucky enough to come home.