The BBC video footage of a 7-year-old English girl showing off her new prosthetic leg to classmates features so many cute moments, it's hard to single out just one.

The 41-second clip shows Anu, from Birmingham, England, unveiling her pink "sports blade" for the first time to a group of her primp and proper classmates.

Donning a yellow dress, Anu walks to the middle of the playground and sticks her right leg forward as her friends gather around. Then one girl reaches out and hugs her.

"Anu is seven and goes to school in Birmingham. Look what happened when she showed her friends her new sports blade. It's just gorgeous!"

Another hug follows and soon all the kids are playfully chasing a beaming Anu. Later, Anu was shown holding hands with a classmate.

The footage was part of a BBC Midlands Today package about government funding for prosthetics. Anu, the BBC reported, had her leg removed shortly after she was born.

The moving scene caused social media to melt.

(Video used by KHOU 11 with permission from BBC Midlands Today)