SHEPHERD, Texas– A group of fifth-graders who read troubling news about World War II veteran on Facebook decided to help.

Inside Shepherd Intermediate School’s Room 305, Ms. Christy’s fifth-grade voices echo one sincere appreciation for military veteran none have met. All they know is what Facebook says about Gardner Hill. It is enough to move the class 10-year-olds to write their hearts out.

“You fought for our lives and our freedom that we have this day at this time,” Ronnie Charles, a student, said. “It just makes me feel sad because nobody writes him any letters or anything.”

Hill is a 92-year-old World War II veteran who lives in The Waterford at Baytown. He asked us to visit. However, the senior living facility’s management turned us away.

Still, we’re told Hill checks his mail there every morning. For years, he found none. That changed last week. After people saw a Facebook post about Hill, his mailbox filled up.

Now, it is Lindsey Christy’s class putting pen and pencil to paper. All 23 students saluted in the brightest, boldest way they know.

“I am so thankful for you fighting for our country and risking your life for us,” student Hector Gonzalez wrote.

“I feel really happy that you survived,” Jose Resendiz, another student wrote.

“You have a lot of courage to go out fighting for us because it takes a lot of courage to go out on the battle field,” Charles wrote.

“Thank you for reading my letter and the United States owes you a big thank you,” student Chris Garcia said.

“I want (Mr. Hill) to feel like he has done (well) and (be) happy,” student Serennity Suetos said.

Judging by the smile on their teacher’s face, he will be hard-pressed not to feel loved.