KINGWOOD, Texas - Because of Harvey, this year, the holidays will be tough for so many families. But a special delivery just a few weeks before Christmas is turning things around for students at Willow Creek Elementary.

“I’ve never met any of them,” said Willow Creek Elementary School principal Scott Duncan. “I’ve talked to a few on the phone. But a big thank you from Willow Creek.”

Students at Bridge Valley Elementary school in Furlong, Penn., crafted about 530 cards for students in Kingwood. A parent came up with the idea after watching national news coverage of the devastation from Harvey. Two students who now attend Willow Creek once attended Bridge Valley.

Willow Creek Elementary was spared from the August storm. The school actually served as a shelter for so many families who had to evacuate their homes by boat.

“They’ve learned a lot of lessons through that, about gratitude and being thankful, and how to help others,” Duncan said. “And so I think these cards were just another way to show that lesson from a school that doesn’t even know us.”