Kids fighting cancer are taking a break from it all, getting to do something they normally don't get to do inside a hospital: Have a little fun!

Many patients and their siblings can't leave because of treatments, so a program called Camp For All 2U is coming to them July 10- to July 14 at M.D. Anderson.

"When we have camp here, they are really surprised that even though they're here getting treatment, they can still engage in those fun activities and have the opportunity to be a kid,” said Lauren Shinn with M.D. Anderson.

The campers are placed in cabins and can participate in activities like canoeing, archery and fishing. All activities adapted especially for the in-hospital camp atmosphere. KHOU’s Grace White spent a day with campers.

“It means a lot,” said Milka Wolday, a mother whose 8-year-old son Caleb was diagnosed with cancer. “They do so much for the kids and they accommodate everybody, because Caleb is in a wheelchair. He’s able to do canoeing, I don’t know how they make it work, but they do!”

The kids that come to camp range from ages 5 to 18. They are inpatients at M.D. Anderson or a sibling of a patient, or a child of a mom, a dad, a grandma or grandpa who is a patient.

“The most rewarding thing about Camp For All 2U would be being able to see the kids come in shy, reserved, not sure about what’s going on with the dancing and the canoeing. But then, seeing them interact with the other kids that are their age and really come out of their shell and start to make connections with those other kids that are in their cabins, “ said Allen McBride with Camp For All 2U.

The program is free to patients and their families.

Photos: Camp For All '2U' at MD Anderson