HOUSTON -- No one might ever know exactly what President Trump was trying to say with a tweet last week. It began with words about the "negative press" and ended with a word everyone was trying to decipher: "Covfefe."

A Houston man is keeping the discussion alive though by putting the word on a vanity plate.

"I guess maybe a higher power just dropped some awesome, funny phrases into our laps and the 'covfefe' license plate was born," said Chad Wixon, who ordered the vanity plates for the Ford F-150 he just bought. "It's a nice, big black truck so I need those cool Texas plates that are black and white to blend in and look nice."

Amazingly, Wixon wasn't the first in Texas to jump on the idea so he had to settle for a "0" instead of an "O" and a "3" instead of a "E."

"It's a snapshot of this crazy time we're living in," said Wixon."Nothing seems real and it's kind of a reminder and chuckle to myself that why is this even happening?"

He paid $200 for it and he's now waiting for them to come.

"You can get them for longer but let's be honest it's not going to be funny in five years," Wixon said "It probably won't even be funny by the time they even get here, but it's funny to me."