Trenton, Missouri is a tiny town with a population of 6,001. So imagine their excitement when the Trenton Golden Bulldog Marching Band got an invitation to play in the H-E-B Thanksgiving Day Parade in Houston.

“This is like the biggest deal ever. We don’t go to many big cities.” Tim Gilham, the band director explained.

The 72 high school students worked very hard to raise money for the trip.

“We’ve done car washes. We’ve done spaghetti dinners. We’ve bagged corn for a local farmer. We’ve done all sorts of things. It’s crazy,” Said high school senior MicKenzey Willey.

The people of Trenton not only supported the band financially. They showed up showed up to cheer them on as the band used the streets of Trenton to practice for the big parade.

“Actually, we marched around our entire town,” Rebekah Schackelford said.

Marching down the streets of Trenton can get you in shape for the parade, but it’s still a different experience in the shadow of Houston’s skyline.

“We’re overwhelmed by all the skyscrapers.” Gilham explained.

Thursday’s parade marked the final performance for the Golden Bulldogs Marching Band.

Jacob Davis believes it’s a good way to end. “You can’t beat it. It’s no better way to send off a senior.”