HOUSTON - Inside fire station 6, firefighters are cooking up an all-American Thanksgiving feast knowing any second duty could call; and when it does, they're ready to roll.

They were out of the station in seconds en route to a house fire in the Heights on Thursday. Karen Roach was waiting with a turkey fire that was smoking up the kitchen.

"Flames shot out of the oven," said Roach. "His wife said turn off the oven, turn off the oven!"

Firefighters got to work. It was another call in a 24-hour shift on Thanksgiving Day. Crews showed up at 6:30 a.m. and they'll be on duty until 6:30 a.m. Friday.

"Most of the time it seems like it's busier, but today hasn't been too busy, it's pretty quiet," said District Chief Stephen Whitehead. "We try to keep it as a relaxed atmosphere as possible."

When they're not putting out fires, they try to have some fun. They watch a little football, play some corn hole, and finally, if they're lucky they sit down for a nice home cooked meal together.

It's all in a holiday's work.

"We accept it as part of the profession, just like doctors, nurses, news reporters, we accept it," said Whitehead.

And the folks at home counting on these guys if something goes wrong in the kitchen are grateful these guys are ready to go.

"I don't believe in people working on Thanksgiving, but I'm so glad the first responders do," said Roach.