Three sisters from Brooklyn are defying the odds and breaking records. They are in Houston right now, competing in the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

The family was kicked out of their home in Brooklyn, and now they're homeless. The single mom of six says she couldn't afford the rising rent, and after losing a son to gun violence, she's happy to see her daughters thriving.

"It's OK that we're in the shelter. We're just like other people," said Rainn Sheppard, who is 10 years old.

Rainn clinched gold in the 3,000-meter event. Tai,11, and Brooke, 8, have yet to race.

Even sweeter, their mom, who couldn't afford the trip, got to see it in person thanks to a generous donor.

"I'm so excited to be here," said Tonia Handy, their mother. "The team manager called and said, 'There's somebody that wants to fly you out.'"

"My mom is really special to me, and when she came to Texas to see me, I was very very happy," Rainn said.

However, away from the field, these girls are full of personality.

"We wanted to make a group for when we grow up, like make songs," Brooke said.

"We were the Rose Petals," said Rainn, remembering the name of their group.

"You spelled 'petals' wrong," Tai joked.

But there are life lessons here they will never forget.

"It's taught me, you just have to look on the bright side," Tai said. "I've always thought of that before we got into a shelter and ran track, but I've learned it much better now."

No matter which race they run, they've learned it's not where they start, but where they finish that matters.

"You have to be humble after the race," Rainn said.

"It gives me confidence that they will overcome any other hurdles or obstacles later on in life," Handy added.