With Halloween less than a week away, there’s a store in the Heights that’s taking the scary holiday to the next level.

It’s a place where Halloween is celebrated year-round.

The Wilde Collection, located on Yale Street, is inspired by Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe.

Inside, you’ll find everything from Ouija boards and exotic taxidermy to live Madagascar cockroaches and original art.

Some items are even haunted.

Amazingly, owners Lawyer Douglas and Tyler Zottarelle say the store only holds about half of the things they’ve collected over the years.

Zottarelle encourages anyone to come explore the oddities shop.

“Yeah, a lot of people ask us if there’s a charge, like they feel like it’s a small museum. No, they can come look anytime we’re open,” Zottarelle said.

Almost everything on display at The Wilde Collection is for sale.

“It’s totally not what (people) are expecting when they see the outside of the building being so boxy and square,” said Douglas, who is responsible for the art in the collection. “It’s not our intent to try to scare people, but show people how different things can be appealing in different ways.”

The Wilde Collection also has some spooky events coming up.

There were be a séance at the store the day before Halloween. They’re also holding a workshop for people who want to go ghost hunting in November.