HUMBLE, Texas – A young girl battling cancer got a life-changing surprise Friday afternoon thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Two months after someone donated an American Girl doll that had a prosthetic leg to Dylan Probe, the 10-year-old who is also missing a leg, now gets around while having fun.

A stranger in Arizona provided the child with a much cooler way of getting around. Now Dylan is hopping curbs on three wheels and learning to steer her new ride.

“To see her ride around and all that joy she had back before all this started, it’s a great feeling,” said Chip Probe, Dylan’s dad. “I mean the one thing she wants to do is walk.”

Last year, doctors diagnosed Dylan with Ewing’s Sarcoma. The bone cancer cost the former tri-athlete her lower left leg.

Two months after receiving the special doll, Dylan is still waiting for her own prosthesis. It seems the same chemotherapy saving her life is also preventing her wound from healing.

Until it heals, she cannot be fitted for the prosthetic leg she needs to walk. She said she wished for something better than crutches or wheelchairs.

“I’d be so happy if I could get around better so I could go farther distances,” she said. “I could take a walk around the block. That’s something I want to do but I can’t really because I’d get really tired and it’s too much work to push the wheelchair around.”

After KHOU 11 News first shared Dylan's story and through photographer Sherina Welch’s “More Than 4 Photo Project” Facebook page, a man in Arizona responded to her need.

He wants to remain anonymous. However, his grandson has the same cancer as Dylan. After a toy company once donated a toy power chair to help the boy get around, the grandfather bought one and sent it to Dylan.

Friends surprised her with the gift on Friday.

“I love it,” she said, smiling brightly before racing down her driveway and street, while sitting on the toy.

Meanwhile, her mom and dad cannot thank the stranger who donated the power wheels enough.

“You’re the faith in humanity that I believe in,” said Megan Probe, Dylan's mom. “You let me know there are really good, good people out there that care. Thank you.”