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KHOU 11 News set out to find Houston’s best guacamole. Yes, it’s a subjective quest; however, we may have found it in a place you wouldn’t expect.

Bobby Bland "The Guacamole Man" makes guacamole that’s anything but bland.

“Every time somebody bites into it they say ‘wow’ or ‘mmm.’ I say, 'You just joined my fan club,'” said Chef Bobby Bland.

Bland works at Kroger at 1440 Studemont Street. His location is one of three that makes fresh guacamole in house.

Chef Bobby Bland working at Kroger on Studemont street in Houston.

He says, there’s no special ingredient.

“It ain’t a secret,” said Bland. “It’s just a lot of love.”

What makes this Kroger’s guacamole special is Bland. A decade ago, his life was upside in Chicago.

“I was gang banging. I was selling drugs and going down the wrong path,” said Bland.

Bland hopped on a train for Houston just in time for the Super Bowl in 2004.

“The guy I call my godfather gave me just enough to get down here and said ‘don’t come back [because] I want to see you do something with your life.’”

Homeless, Star Hope Mission took Bland in. After three months he had a job making guacamole at NRG stadium under Aramark’s top chef.

“He’s the one that got me doing guacamole! I’m like, what’s guacamole? I didn’t know,” said Bland.

Soon after, A Kroger manager embraced Bland’s gift.

“He called me Guacamole Man and I’m here to guac their socks off,” said Bland.

Ten years later, the Guacamole Man still doesn’t eat guacamole.

“I’m not into it. I don’t eat the guacamole. I just make it for everybody else to get their enjoyment out of it,” said Bland.

Chef Bland’s second chance at life has opened doors he never imagined. In his next ten years, he has even bigger dreams.

“Chef Bobby Bland will be sitting in a nice home that’s going to get built up from the ground up [sic]. And still working at Kroger because I consider them family because I don’t have family in Houston." he said.

Until then, you can find the Guacamole Man at the Kroger off Studemont. He’ll be the one waiting with a smile.

“Fresh guacamole here!”