FLOWER MOUND, Texas -- The hardest decision for Chick-fil-A fans isn't what to order. It's what to dip their order in.

There is Barbecue, Polynesian, and even one for its namesake. Sauces so good that a Texas Army National Guard soldier wished he had some on a recent Sunday when chicken was on the menu.

"We didn't have any sauces that day," said Jessie, a 28-year-old First Lieutenant serving in Iraq. "There was nothing. So at that time, me and my buddies thought we'd write Chick-fil-A and see if they could provide us with some motivation and sauces."

Jessie sent that message to the Facebook page of the restaurant at Founders Square in his hometown of Flower Mound.

"We didn't even hesitate," said Jason Lee, Director of Operations at the Founders Square location.

They started packing up packets, but didn't respond to Jessie's message in hopes of making the delivery a surprise.

"It got there on a Sunday, which is Chicken Tender Day," said Lee, of the moment the special order arrived. "So as they're getting their meal and they're going back to their table, they holler out Jessie's name, and so Jessie turns around and he knows exactly what it is, it's Chick-fil-A sauce!"

From North Texas to Iraq, the restaurant sent two boxes full. One full of Barbecue, the other, Chick-fil-A sauce. In total, close to 500 packets in each. Jessie posted a picture to Facebook, thanking the restaurant he messaged on a whim for making his culinary fantasy come true.

"It makes us feel good knowing that people still support us and go out of their way to provide us something that would give us happiness," he said. "And deliciousness."

For the staff at the restaurant, hearing that is even better than a 'thank you.'

"The satisfaction of that is the joy that we bring into their lives," said Lee. "I mean, you can't put a price on that."

After all, it was their pleasure.