FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - The cell phone video shows a desolate depiction -- a soft, sad song of an unsettling reality.

“That piece kind of connected with the setting of what it was," Aric Harding said.

Playing the piano, Harding is in his home, surrounded by 2 feet of floodwater.

“Maybe it was a little bit of realizing that so much was out of our hands," Harding said.

It was the middle of Hurricane Harvey when Harding and some friends waded home.

“We came back to get little pieces of home to bring back with us," Harding said.

The piano was a piece he couldn’t take with him. With his 14-year-old son Rylor on his mind, Harding put his fingers to the keys in hopes to prove not all was lost.

“His piano, that’s like his thing," Harding said. “I was kind of surprised at how well it actually did play.”

“He was playing and for a little while, in my mind I was like, 'OK, maybe it will be OK,' but then I was thinking, 'No way it could survive something like this,'" Rylor Harding said.

Rylor was right. The cherished instrument became another casualty.

“All these people that are connecting with what was going on," Aric Harding said.

But the unintentional outcome of that video was an unexpected arrival of hope and humanity.

“I would never even dream of this happening," Rylor Harding said.

It was a brand new piano.

“So many things that are amazing have come out of this flood," Rylor Harding said.

A replacement from Yamaha was donated to restore harmony to a home that for so long has stood silent.

“It’s just a piece to us that means so much to us for like who our family is. Having that back here is a big deal," Aric Harding said.