AUSTIN, Texas -- Meeting people the old-fashioned way -- you know, in person -- can be hard to do. That's why in 2017 more and more people looking for love are turning to dating apps. And there are a lot of them out there.

"I was on all the other dating apps out there," said Amanda Bradford. The Austin native turned San Francisco resident, couldn't find an app she liked.

"I got out of a five-year relationship. I hadn't done online dating before and I think, you know, as a female trying online dating for the first time, there's a lot of, kind of like noise out there. There's a lot of fake profiles, there's a lot of like scam artist," said Bradford.

So Bradford created her own app called The League.

"That's my Texas spirit. I always say like 'Hey if we don't have it, we build it in Texas,'" Bradford said.

Unlike other dating apps, The League is an invite-based system designed to match aspiring power couples. But getting in isn't based on your back account, but rather your drive and ambition.

The dating community is vetted with limited entry and there's a wait list.

"You don't become Harvard without a wait list right," joked Bradford.

Each day, League members get a "batch" of three matches.

"The idea there is to kind of bring the humanity back to online dating and make it feel like this is a person, this isn't an angry birds game where you swipe, you know, 100 profiles," Bradford explained.

Members also get a personal concierge to help navigate the app-dating process. And to make sure users are meeting new people, The League is linked to a user's Facebook and Linked In pages. People already in their direct networks are blocked.

"The idea is to keep your work life separate from your personal life," Bradford said.

Of course, the ultimate test of the app is does the creator use it?

"Yeah I do use it," said Bradford. "I'm actually dating somebody that I met from the app. So it's been working, fingers crossed."

Bradford said one out of every four League matches exchange numbers and meet up, compared to one out of 20 with other apps.