The University of Houston’s oldest college graduate will be walking across the stage Sunday. Alongside Ken Levin, will be his son, who is more than half a century his junior.

Ken Levin is 86. His son, Herschel, is 23. If you are doing the math, Ken was 63 when Herschel was born.

This father-son academic team began when Herschel was homeschooled, largely by dad. Then at age 16, Herschel enrolled in Lone Star College, and soon, so did Dad.

“It started with me driving him to school, now he drives me," Ken Levin said.

Today, Ken Levin has a long list of health problems. He is legally blind and profoundly deaf.

But he gets classwork done with the help of special glasses, hearing aids and his son.

“What we did was more or less a partnership," Herschel Levin said.

They took the same classes, earned the same history-political science degree.

“It’s history (to everyone else), to him it’s just personal stories. He lived through it," Herschel Levin said.

It's been a rare chance for a father to spend time with his son, when a father has the time.

In fact, Ken Levin's own history is pretty remarkable. His wife Judy first brought him hom, to introduce to her mother. Judy was trying to set up Ken with her mom. When that didn't work out, Judy -- 30 years younger -- had her own work cut out for her.

“I had to step across casseroles. He was dating four women when I met him," she said.

Ken Levin's first marriage produced three daughters, the second: another three daughters, and the third with Judy, produced a son, Herschel, Ken’s study partner.

They are a pretty good academic team.

“We made the Dean’s List. That makes me questions the Dean’s standards," Herschel Levin joked.