The Children's Hospital of San Antonio has a new, tiny luxury car to help kids ride into the operating room in style.

Early July, the hospital brought in a miniature Lamborghini for its young patients.

Eyewitness News talked to 4-year-old Gustavo Romero who was at the hospital to get a surgery done in his mouth. His mother, Melissa, said any nervousness he had about the procedure was long gone after he got into the car.

"It was a good experience and I know he loved it. It was fun. It was really, really nice," Romero said.

Nayeli Longoria, child life specialist at the hospital, said the car is able to relax the child and their parent.

"The patient can control it but the parent can also control it. So, the parents feel part of that process too and they feel like they've helped and created those smiles that the child now has," Longoria said.

The hospital also has mini Ford 150 for bigger kids to ride in.

"We have a lot of kids who come in and this is their very first experience with being in the hospital and now they have to deal with actually going into surgery. So, we try to make it as fun as possible for them and this really helps when we have the cars," Longoria said. "You have a kid who comes in, they're crying and they're upset. But they see the car, and they're really happy."