A baby surprised his mother and a plane full of passengers when he decided to make his entrance into the world on a Spirit Airlines flight.

Fort Worth mother captured the birth on the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas over the weekend.

Another passenger, Rhondula Green, is a registered nurse from Carrolton who helped deliver the baby named Cristoph.

“He just popped out — literally. So we just kind of like caught him,” Green said. “I was kind of nervous initially, but when I saw the baby come in the nerves were gone.”

The woman’s husband wasn’t on the plane, but her two other children were. Her young daughter watched from the window seat next to her during the delivery.

Shelley Hedgecock Starks recorded the birth and posted the video to Facebook. She commented on Facebook that the new mom looked like she wasn’t feeling well from the moment the plane moved away from the tarmac.

“It’s amazing they were able to accomplish that on the plane without being prepared at all,” said Starks. “She had on a black shirt that had two baby hand prints on it with a red heart that said let me out of here.”

Christoph was four weeks early.

Spirit gave the family gifts, including free flights for life for the newborn.