LEAGUE CITY, Texas - It's that time of year for elaborate Christmas lights and displays, but there's one in League City that goes above and beyond.

It's the Gallaghers' house in Victory Lakes. The Astros theme got the attention of KHOU 11 News.

During the 45-minute display, World Series highlights and other signage roll on the Gallaghers' house.

"I usually start in the summer so I get an idea of what I want to do," said Troy Gallagher, whose handiwork it is. "This year, when the Astros made the playoffs, I wanted to do something, and then when they won, I decided I had to do something."

Troy Gallagher is not an IT guy but a police officer.

"The fun thing is when I get letters in my mailbox," Troy Gallagher said. "I get notes from people from kids or adults telling me how much they liked it and what it means to them."

On Tuesday, neighbors from all over stopped by to admire the lights, including Erica Avery.

"This is such an amazing display," she said. "The kids have been asking for the last week when it’s going to go on, because they remember it from last year and love it so much. I think we all love it. We’re a really tight-knit community. We’re really close with all our neighbors, so it’s fun to see this display and see everyone doing their part. It just makes it feel like the holidays."

The show starts every night at 6 p.m. and lasts until around 10 p.m.