LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- They say everyone has a story.

Last Sunday after the Astros' 5-4 victory in 12 innings against the Kansas City Royals, a baby boy made an appearance behind the set of the Root Sports postgame show. His name is Drake Standefer, and his journey to those 15 seconds of fame is worth knowing.

"He is just the most happy, fun loving little boy," mom Katie Standefer said. "He has the most precious giggle."

At 10 months old, the little Astros fan is a ball of energy. His parents Katie and Brian look at him each day knowing every moment they have with him now seemed impossible not too long ago.

"Our son Drake is our miracle baby," Brian Standefer said.

When you see him, you can't help but notice the helmet Drake wears. He does so because he was born 14 weeks premature.

"It was by far the most difficult thing I have ever endured in my entire life," Brian Standefer said.

He had to spend 119 days in the hospital.

"We were given the option to terminate which wasn't an option," Brian Standefer said. "That wasn't going to happen for us."

As his parents would soon find out, Drake's a fighter, and apparently, he had plans of interrupting an Astros postgame show in the cutest way possible.

A small moment in time for a little boy whose personality will stay with you forever.