SEAGOVILLE, Texas – The game of football has become a safe space for 10-year-old Amarion Simon Jones. It's a game the child calls his freedom.

“I love it,” Amarion said. “It’s my favorite sport.”

Lately, football is also where the fifth-grade student at Seagoville Elementary School has been finding a sense of therapy after the tragic death of his mother.

“I miss her a lot," he said. "That’s all I think about at school. I just miss her.”

Amarion’s mom, Charlitha Simon, was killed back in July 2016. She was a victim, police say, of a domestic-violence related murder-suicide in Lancaster. Police say her boyfriend killed the mother of five.

"I stay focused by taking all my anger out on the field instead of on other people,” Amarion said.

Amarion’s dad, Coach Antonio Jones, says school and his son’s little league football team, The Southeast Dallas Wolverines, has been a big source of support.

”Man, I’m very proud of him," Jones said. "To be able to deal with the things he’s dealt with over the last four months, and still be able to do good in school and excel in sports, just makes me a proud father.”

Supporters say Amarion’s focus through tragedy has helped him lead his Pleasant Grove-based little league team to a spot in the National Pee Wee Championships in Orlando next month.

“My favorite position is running back,” Amarion explained.

Getting the Wolverines to Orlando will be a challenge.

”Out of 20 kids, 15 of them probably never been out of Dallas, let alone the state," Jones said. "So to get them to Florida, to get them to nationals, it would be pretty big for them."

The team’s coaches set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes the community can help make the team’s goal to play in Orlando reality.

Amarion is one of two players on his team who has lost a parent to tragedy this year. The boy says focus is key after a touch year for the Southeast Dallas Wolverines.