PHOENIX - What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Eat healthy, exercise, quit smoking or maybe spend more time with your family? All of them are good and would certainly be understandable but the Arizona Department of Transportation has another one it would like you to add to the list: Be a safer driver.

As a reminder, ADOT is posting the resolution suggestion on its freeway message boards across the state.

The sign reads: “New year, new you. Use your blinker.”

Drivers in Arizona seemed to like the suggestion.

“Honestly, Arizona drivers need to pay more attention to the road,” said Diamond Martinez.

“I would not consider Arizona people to be good drivers,” said Jonathon Sanchez.

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When it comes to fatal accidents, Arizona ranks close to the middle, but that doesn’t give Christina Samanigo any solace.

“Basically every day I come home from work I’m worried I will get into an accident,” she said.

The sign is the latest in a series of clever messages to get drivers to pay more attention and be safer and smarter when driving in Arizona. ADOT has tapped into popular movies, holidays and kids’ games for inspiration.

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