It's the first official day of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, and Julie Bryant of Aledo has perhaps the best seat in the house.

"Watching a horse do what it can do is just beautiful," she says.

Bryant was the announcer for Friday's "Versatility Ranch Horse Show." It's a competition highlighting all the things a horse can do.

"That horse has got to trust that human, that human’s got to trust that horse," she says, just before picking up her microphone to announce another horse and rider.

But there was one case Friday where it wasn't so much the horse, but instead its rider, that left people speechless.

"Next to work is going to be number 311, Little Rose Snapper and Lucinda Rose David," Bryant announces.

"Look at her snap her little head around!" she exclaims, once the loudspeaker has been turned off.

Out there riding like a seasoned pro was 7-year-old cowgirl Lucinda David and her beloved horse Snapper. She and Snapper were born one day apart from each other in 2009.

"I was three years old when I started riding," she tells us. "I get a little nervous, but then at the end, I know I've done good and I feel good for myself."

It was the Joaquin, Texas, second grader's first time at this stock show, but not her first time competing.

"When I was four, maybe three, I was doing barrel racing and pole bending," she says.

"She's riding a 1,200-pound animal and it takes a lot of coordination and athleticism to get this animal to be able to do his job," says her proud father, Chance.

Back up in the announcing booth, Bryant and others were marveling at the little girl, who was likely the youngest competitor of the day.

"Isn't she awesome?" Bryant says.

We could hear the cheers from all the way in the announcing booth. Lucinda says she heard them, too.

"It makes me feel like I know I've done something that makes them proud and I've done something good and I've done it right," Lucinda says.

Strong words coming from an even stronger little girl.