It's competitive, fast-paced, and sometimes people get hurt. We’re talking about the sport of yo-yo!

A young man in Chandler is one of the best and he's ready to test his skills at the World Yoyo Contest in Reykjavik, Iceland, Aug 10 to 12.

"It takes effort, practice," said 12-year-old Hunter Feuerstein.

Ten hours a day, every day, Hunter works on his moves.

"I actually make up all my own tricks, because once you learn all the basics you can basically combine those and make it into your own tricks," said Hunter.

He has nearly 100 yo-yos in his collection.

But he has one in specific picked out that he'll be bringing with him when he leaves Saturday: a purple and blue yo-yo made by his sponsor, the Yoyo Factory, a local manufacturer.

When he gets to Iceland, Hunter will go up against nearly 200 other players from 30 countries, many of them much older than him.

“I'm hoping to make it to the semifinal round," said Hunter.

Hunter started playing four years ago after his mother signed him and his brother up for classes one summer. Now he's the one doing the teaching. Hunter formed the Chandler Yoyo Club and is happy to show off his tricks.

Training for a yo-yo competition has its ups and downs.

"I hit myself in the face today,” said Hunter. “Like five times."

A small price to pay if you want to become the world yo-yo champion.