AUSTIN, Texas -- Weekend One of Austin City Limits has come to a close.

Over 70,000 music fans flocked to Zilker Park for the three-day event.

"I felt like weekend one there's a lot more people in my personal opinion,” Visitor Osha Albritton said.

She’s right.

Festival organizers said the first round of tickets sold out to 75,000 people. With that trend, it adds up to about 450,000 fans over the span of two weekends.

Albritton, who drove in from Dallas, said she's happy with the lineup compared to last year, especially when
artist Nao took the mic.

"I was about to cry, like watching her on stage was amazing! Loved Kendrick Lamar,” Allbritton said. "We're thinking we are going to make this like an annual thing."

Even though crowds clogged large parts of downtown Austin, concert-goers felt it was part of the experience.

"It’s a little different, I'm not used to the city scene - especially in Waco, such a small town,” Visitor Frederick Kramer said.

ACL representative said the upgrades to the park such as the hydration stations and flushable toilets were huge hits with fans.

"I'm more excited for this year because I knew what it was going to be like and what I was expecting. It
lived up to the hype," Albritton said.

Organizers said it was a successful first weekend they hope to see again in a few more days.