People are still hungry for Hamilton, and a Washington, D.C., food writer is ready to feed them. Sort of.

Laura Kumin, the home cook behind the blog Mother Would Know, will release The Hamilton Cookbook in November. It's packed with recipes Revolutionary War hero Alexander Hamilton might enjoy. Think fried sausages and apples, cauliflower florets two ways and gingerbread cake. The cookbook even dishes Hamilton's favorite foods and tips on how to prepare items like the founding fathers. (Hamilton-themed dinner party, anyone?)

The paperback book retails for $19.99 and is available Nov. 21.

Hamilton, the hit hip-hop musical that premiered on Broadway in 2015, is still going strong in New York, Chicago and London with stops across the nation. Hamilton’s character, originally played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, sparked pop culture’s infatuation with the author of the Federalist Papers.

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