Seth Meyers, you've got mail.

During his popular "A Closer Look" segment Monday, Meyers informed his audience that Paul Ryan's office sent the show an email with regard to a segment previously aired.

Last week, the Late Night host alleged that Republicans "rushed" a health care bill through the House of Representatives "before most Americans and even many members of Congress knew what was in the bill."

"So Americans and members of Congress haven't even read this bill and the Congressional Budget Office has not told us how much it costs," Meyers said at the time. "I just wish someone would have the courage to come out against such a secretive process. I wish someone would just tell Paul Ryan that we shouldn't pass bills we haven't read and don't know what they cost."

Then, as he did with President Trump, Meyers dug up clips of the House Speaker showing the hypocrisy of Ryan's recent statements compared to past sentiments. "I don't think we should pass bills that we haven't read, that we don't know what they cost," Ryan said in a clip from an appearance on MSNBC in 2009.

Ryan's office attempted to dispel the notion that the bill was "rushed" and only cuts taxes for the wealthy in the email subsequently sent to Meyers and crew.

"Unlike Republicans and their health care bill we actually read the whole email," Meyers assured last night's viewers before saying he "would love" to book Ryan as a guest.

Despite "genuinely" appreciating the correspondence, Meyers didn't agree with its contents and addressed its claims.

Watch the clip above to see Meyers show Ryan the receipts.